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Easily reach, educate and connect with Australia’s largest network of dietitians
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No other organisation in Australia offers you the same unique opportunities as Dietitian Connection.

This is because our 31,000+ dietitian members are engaged and keen to learn and share the latest food product news with their clients.

Our corporate partners enjoy targeted exposure to exactly the audience they seek: an engaged, active group of dietitian influencers.

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Endless opportunities to connect
We give our corporate sponsors endless, customisable opportunities to connect.
When you partner with Dietitian Connection, you gain access to a range of touch points with our engaged audience. From podcasts to webinars, social media to e-newsletters and more, we’re happy to help you customise a sponsorship package to best suit your needs.
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31,000+ dietitians
that’s 99% of all dietitians in Australia.
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Targeted exposure
deliver relevant messages to your target audience.
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Amplify your reach
access to exclusive insights to help you cut through the clutter and maximise your reach
of our members trust Dietitian Connection.
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recommend specific foods and beverages to clients.
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recommend or use products advertised with Dietitian Connection.
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provide resources to their patients/clients.
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consumers see a dietitian every month (768,000 in practice and >1M online).
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